Jumper’s New T20 Radio Transmitter Packs a Powerful ELRS Punch

Jumper t 20 remote controller

RC enthusiasts, get ready to elevate your flying experience with the Jumper T20 transmitter. This impressive addition to Jumper-RC’s lineup is packed with pro-level features that will leave you in awe. Powered by the ultra-long range ExpressLRS control link protocol and running on open-source EdgeTX firmware, the T20 offers unparalleled connectivity and customization for all types of RC models. With its integrated ExpressLRS module, 1W output, replaceable antenna, and external heatsink, this full-size radio is a game-changer. The T20 also boasts hall gimbals or RDC90 options, an OLED screen, CNC metal rollers, and a universal expansion bay for additional modules. Its dual 21700 Li-Ion batteries ensure long flight times, while the sturdy metal frame and grip pads provide confidence and control. Compatible with various systems and featuring ultra-responsive hall gimbals, the Jumper T20 will take your skills to new heights. Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity!

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