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Reach RTK Kit

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This is the RTK GPS kit that combines amazingly powerful RTKLIB open-source software with an Intel Edison (and a great price) to provide you with a GPS system that is accurate to centimetres. That’s right, centimetres…

Key Features

  • Centimetre accuracy GPS coordinates
  • Great low price for the technology
  • One stationary Reach unit can send corrections to an unlimited number of vehicles (with a Reach module installed) within a 10km area
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity is built-in
  • Runs RTKLIB software
  • Uses an Intel Edison processor
  • Provides accurate reception for all upper L- band GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo signals (L1, G1, B1, B1 BOC, B12, E1) and associated augmentation signals (WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS SBAS)


This kit is the perfect addition to any robotics project requiring precise navigation and in particular, precision mapping and survey work. Moreover, this great piece of kit is available at a price break that is very competitive. This kit uses off-the-shelf components and open-source software to reduce the price and if you have one Reach unit, you can send GPS corrections to an unlimited number of devices in a 10km area.

In order to use the RTK mode, you must have one Reach unit on your vehicle and one on the ground, stationary. This stationary unit provides the corrections to the location errors, transmits them to the Reach unit on the vehicle which then uses these corrections to provide the precise GPS coordinates.

Kit Includes:

RTK GPS vs Regular GPS

Take a look for yourself at the difference between a regular GPS module (that is actually pretty accurate) and the Reach RTK GPS system…The green represents the Reach coordinates and the red a regular GPS module. 






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