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Crusader GT2017 FPV Quadcopter Kit

£219.99 - £235.99
Calculated at Checkout

This is the all new and improved Crusader GT2017 (imaginative I know!) from Diatone. They have taken the popular and well-loved Crusader GT2 and kept the best parts and improved upon the components that weren't perhaps up to scratch. For example, they have replaced the D-Link flight controller with the all new Fury F3 FC which uses the reliable MPU6000 six-axis gyro as well as having an integrated 5V 1.5A BEC, OSD and 3.3V/500mA independent power supply for the receiver. They have also upgraded the motors and ESCs to be the 302X Dshot compatible ESCs with the EDGE 2306 2450Kv racing motors - plenty of bang for your buck!

Another new design feature is that the Diatone GT2017 now only comes in the 200 size but with two variations; normal or stretched. You can choose between the two above and a small explanation of these designs can be found below. You can also choose which colour of Crusader GT2017 you would like. Please note that the colour of the motors are always blue.

Key Features:

  • New and improved from the old Crusader GT2
  • The highest quality equipment used such as the Fury F3 FC, 302X Dshot ESCs and EDGE 2306 2450Kv motors
  • Fantastic new design that combines the best in aerodynamics with great looks!
  • The new design includes the Normal and Stretched version as well as practical features such as the MVS (Motor Vibration System) to lessen vibrations from the motors. 

What's New?

So what's changed I hear you cry! Well, Diatone have basically re-vamped the kit entirely to keep it on the cutting-edge of the industry including the all new Fury flight controller, the 302XD ESCs and the Edge 2306 2450KV racing motors. 



Should I get the Stretched Version?

There has been some research into the best shape and size of airframe over the years and several pilots have found that the longer arm design has some unique flight characteristics. This stretched wheelbase seems to provide more 'grip' when cornering, giving the impression of flying on rails. Some people says it increases acceleration too. So you can now decide to get on this hype train too with the GT2017!



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