The DJI HD FPV system is the first digital first person view (FPV) system to offer a tightly integrated digital FPV system that gives you an incredibly low latency real time HD video feed.  It takes FPV to a new level and brings you one step closer to feeling like you are actually sitting inside your quadcopter.

The system consists of the HD FPV box goggles,  and a air unit tramsitter and camera that sit on your quad.  This system broadcasts the video directly to your goggles and in true DJI style, is super easy to use.  Press a button to bind to your goggles to the air unit, and press another to change to your desired channel, done.

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Reasons why DJI HD FPV is awesome 

  • The digital feed utilises advanced anti interference technology to reduce breakup and improve range.  This means you can get up to 4Km range (FCC mode) with your quad. 
  • Low latency 720p video streamed directly to your goggles with around 28ms of latency.
  • While viewing the HD feed you can record at 1080p 60fps (or 720p 120fps) directly onto an SD card in the air module to share with the world after your flight.  No need for a gopro anymore.
  • The air module supports betafight telemetry (limited at the moment with enhanced support coming from DJI)
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DJI HD FPV Starter Kits

The FPV Basic Combo

£687.52 £658.57

The FPV Basic Combo includes the bare essentials to add HD FPV to your quadcopter.  You will still need your own R/C controller.


  • 1x HD FPV Goggles
  • 1x Air Unit.

The FPV Experiance Combo

£809.00 (£674.17 excl. VAT)

The FPV Experience Combo is ideal if you already have your own R/C controller that you want to continue to use such as TBS crossfire.


  • 1x HD FPV Goggles
  • 2x Air Unit

The FPV Fly More Combo

Out of stock
£919.00 (£765.83 excl. VAT)

The Fly More Combo is ideal if you want you want everything neatly integrated (or dont have a R/C controller already).  You will not need a separated R/C receiver in this case as the FPV controller can talk directly to the air unit.


  • 1x HD FPV Goggles
  • 1x Air Unit
  • 1x DJI FPV Controller


Its not as Pricey as it seems 🤑

At first glance £900 might seem like a load of money to drop on a new FPV system.  And true it is alot of money, when you compare it to the cost of an equivalent Analogue FPV system you can see it is actually very reasonably priced.

Fatshark HDO with Rapidfire

The current king of the analogue FPV scene is the Fatshark HDO goggles, loved by top pilots around the world.  But its still using analog.

  • Fatshark HDO ~ £435
  • Rapidfire RX ~ £120
  • FPV Camera and TX ~ £60
  • Jumper T16 controller ~ £130
  • TBS Crossfire TX and RX ~ £95

Total Cost ~ £840

DJI Fly More Combo

This includes everything you need to fly your quad to ranges of up to 4Km.

You get HD FPV goggles, an air unit with camera that also acts as your R/C receiver.  And you get the DJI FPV R/C controller.

Total Cost ~ £919

So you can see that the for HD FPV considering the drastically improved performance, it actually is not that much more expensive as an entire kit.  The only difference is its a since massive payment, whereas with analogue, you probably built it up over time.

Need Spares?  We got you.

We sell the full range of frames, spare parts, and upgrade parts for the DJI HD FPV system, so we have your back both in terms of technical support and replacement parts if something goes wrong.

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Welcome to the HD FPV revolution

Hopefully we will see you joining the HD FPV revolution, as this is only the start!

Happy Flying!

♥ The UMT Team ♥