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Wraith32 (2-6S) 35A BLheli_32 ESC

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The Wriath32 uses a 32bit MCU to take ESC performance to the next level with BLheli_32 firmware.  Capable or running at speeds up to 48Khz (running Dshot1200 and above) there is almost no latency between your flight controller and motor updates.  Other incredible features include auto timing, ESC telemetry support, built in current sensor and a RGB LED to add bling to your quadcopter.

Key Features

  • Official 32bit BLheli_32 ESC
  • Dshot1200 at least 32Khz update rate from FC
  • Small and lightweight (1.5x3cm)
  • Integrated RGB LED on ESC
  • Built in current sensor
  • Incredible smooth performance
  • Auto motor timing support with adjustable motor break force

Wriath32 Specifications

  • 2-6S Lipo support
  • 35A continius current
  • 1.5cm x 3cm

What makes BLheli_32 so great?

We have a article covering all the aspects of what makes BLheli_32 so great.  But remember how BLheli_S was such an improvement over BLheli firmware?  And how 32bit Flight controllers made 8bit FC seem ancient?  Its the same principle here.  Read our BLheli_32 Introduction here.

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