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VIFLY R130 Mini FPV Racing Quadcopter RTF/BNF V1.2

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The R130 Mini FPV Racing quadcopter from ViFly is one of the most powerful 130 size drones on the market today. We now stock the V1.2 of the R130 (BNF versions only for the moment) which comes with upgraded motors and upgraded propellers. The R130 BNF V1.2 now comes with SunnySky 1406 4100Kv motors with provide an incredible amount of thrust for such a tiny quadcopter. The V1.2 also now comes with GemFan 3052 propellers that are more refined and balanced.  On top of this, the R130 is super-light, weighing under 250g and so no UAS registration will be required which is a big plus for the coming months. The R130 comes packed with high-quality equipment including the F4 flight controller with a CPU working at 168MHz, a 4-in-1 BLHeli_S Dshot 600 ESC and a 700TVL CMOS FPV camera. 

As well as the great features of the R130, it is built with practicality and usability in mind. For example, the radio bind button and video channel button are easily accessible on the side of the quad, eliminating the need to open up the quad at any point. 

You can buy the R130 as a RTF kit (V1) which includes a battery and a RadioLink T8FB radio (full list below) or you can go for the BNF (V1.2) option. We have BNF kits with a FrSky receiver (XM+ with international firmware), a FlySky RX2A Pro receiver and a Spektrum DSMX receiver. 

Key Features:

  • One of the most powerful 130-sized drones on the market.
  • Strong and durable frame that has been tested in many crash tests.
  • Packed with high-quality equipment including F4 flight controller and 4-in1 BLHeli_S Dshot 600 ESC.
  • Practical build with bind and video channel buttons easily accessible on side of quad.
  • Now stocking V1.2 for the R130 BNF - upgraded motors and propellers. 

Lightweight, Compact and Durable

All the components of this quadcopter are well-protected within the main body of the R130 and the entire quad is below 250g. The R130 is constructed with 3mm carbon fibre plates which makes it extremely durable and this has been tested in many pre-ordained crashes. 


Compatible with both 3s and 4s Batteries

If you're not getting the thrust and power you want out of your 3s battery, don't fear! The R130 is compatible with a 4S battery and so you can really ramp up the speed!

We sell the ViFly R130 850mah 3S 35C LiPo Battery and the ViFly R130 550mah 4S 35C LiPo Battery separately. 


Battery Level Checking

Another cool feature of the R130 is that you can easily check the status of your battery by plugging it into the R130. The LED screen then automatically displays the battery level and you know if you've got enough juice for a flight. 


One Button Design

The practical design of the R130 is at its best with the two accessible buttons on the side of the quad. These are the bind button and the video channel button and so there no need to open up the quad to get started. 


Mushroom Antenna

The R130 includes a mushroom antenna which provides better signal cover.


The ViFly R130 FPV Quadcopter V1.2



  • General:
Size (L x W x H) 125x115x30mm
Wheelbase 130mm
Weight 165g (Battery excluded)
Flight Controller Omnibus F4, CPU 168MHz
Firmware BetaFlight
OSD BetaFlight OSD
Brushless Motor 1306-4100KV (for RTF V1)/ 1406-4100Kv (for BNF V1.2)
ESC BLHeli-S 15/20A
Gyro SPI, 8KHz loop speed
Propeller DAL T3045BN (for RTF V1)/ GemFan 3052 (for BNF V1.2)
Battery 11.1V 850mAh 35C 3S Li-PO / 14.8V 550mAh 35C 4S Li-PO (optional)
Battery Socket XT30
Max Battery Size (L x W x H) 55x30x30mm
Flight Time 6-8 mins(3S) / 6-8 mins(4S)
Working Environment 0℃ ~ +40℃
  • Camera:
Sensor ON Semiconductor 1/4 inch high sensitive CMOS
Horizontal Resolution 700TVL

Field of view

TV System



  • Wireless Video Transmitter:
Output Power P01 - 25mW / P02 - 200mW / P03 - 500mW
Antenna Right-handed circular polarization
Antenna Socket SMA Male
Working Frequency 5.8GHz
Channel Group A/B/C/D/E 40 channels
Group A CH1:5658MHz CH2:5695MHz CH3:5732MHz CH4:5769MHz CH5:5806MHz CH6:5843MHz CH7:5880MHz CH8:5917MHz
Group B CH1:5740MHz CH2:5760MHz CH3:5780MHz CH4:5800MHz CH5:5820MHz CH6:5840MHz CH7:5860MHz CH8:5880MHz
Group C CH1:5865MHz CH2:5845MHz CH3:5825MHz CH4:5805MHz CH5:5785MHz CH6:5765MHz CH7:5745MHz CH8:5725MHz
Group D CH1:5705MHz CH2:5685MHz CH3:5665MHz CH4:5645MHz CH5:5885MHz CH6:5905MHz CH7:5925MHz CH8:5945MHz
Group E CH1:5733MHz CH2:5752MHz CH3:5771MHz CH4:5790MHz CH5:5809MHz CH6:5828MHz CH7:5847MHz CH8:5866MHz


Kit Includes:

ViFly R130 Mini FPV Racing Quadcopter RTF (V1):

  • R130 Racing Drone x1
  • RadioLink T8FB 8 Channel Remote Controller x1
  • RadioLink R8FM Receiver (pre-installed) x1
  • ON Semiconductor 1/4 inch high sensitive 700TVL Camera (pre-installed) x1
  • 25/200/500mW 5.8G Wireless Video Transmitter (pre-installed) x1
  • OSD Module (pre-installed) x1
  • 11.1v 850mAh 35C 3S Battery x1
  • Battery Charger (for 3S/2S battery only) x1
  • DAL T3045BN Propeller Set x2
  • Landing Feet x8
  • Velcro Tape x1
  • Spare Screws Pack x1

ViFly R130 Mini FPV Racing Quadcopter BNF (V1.2):

  • R130 Racing Drone x1
  • Receiver (pre-installed) x1 - choose between FrSky XM+, FlySky RX2A Pro and Spektrum DSMX
  • ON Semiconductor 1/4 inch high sensitive 700TVL Camera (pre-installed) x1
  • 25/200/500mW 5.8G Wireless Video Transmitter (pre-installed) x1
  • OSD Module (pre-installed) x1
  • GemFan 3052 Propeller Set x2
  • Landing Feet x8
  • Velcro Tape x1
  • Spare Screws Pack x1