Team Pilots

Pushing the limits of what is possible with FPV


Sync FPV

I got into FPV the same a lot of people probably did, from a casual interest in cameras & Cinematography, which led to buying a DJI camera drone which gave me a taste for flying. Around August 2018 I built my first 5″ quad, an Armattan Rooster, and the rest kinda fell into place pretty quickly.
My background is in video game development so I’ve had over 30 years training my thumbs for this so won’t be pinching any time soon.

Drone Operator


Its a mystery as to how Ryder got started in FPV, but when it comes to flying, its all or nothing. Flat out or go home…
One day Ryder might get around to updating his mini bio but this will have to do until that day comes.

Freestyle Pilot

Chewy Flies

The next time you’re at the checkout and you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having on Supermarket Sweep!

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Freestyle Shredder


I first flew FPV after watching a mountain dive video at which my mind was blown and went through the rabbit hole of watching freestyle videos after.
Flew my first quad at the end of 2019 and haven’t looked back since!