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How to build an mini FPV quadcopter

If you are new to building your own drone, using a started guide is a great way to learn the basics of making a drone. We have written an illustrated guide that will walk your through the entire process from the frame assembly, to wiring the FPV equipment. The guide is based on the silver […]

QAV250 Mini Quadcopter Kit

If you want to build your own quadcopter, but don’t know where you should start, then the QAV 250 quadcopter kit is just what you need.  It includes all the basic parts such as motors, ESC, frame etc.. for you to build a great mini quadcopter that can later be upgraded with FPV gear to be […]

Walkera Scout X4 – Summer Sale

We have been selling the walkera scout X4 for many months now, the scout X4 has helped many aerial photographers get off the ground, some even using the scout X4 to start their own drone photography business.  However with the new announcements of the DJI Phantom 3, and 3DR Solo quadcopters is the scout X4 still a […]

What you need to build a beginner quadcopter

If you are planning to build your first quadcopter but are not too sure what parts you need to buy Sam wrote a quick guide on some suggested parts for building a quadcopter over on dronetrest.com.The kit is based on the popular F450 quadcopter frame as its cheap to buy and very easy to build.  The […]

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