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Streak F4 (Airbot F4) Flight Controller

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If you need the most powerful flight controller with no bloatware for your FPV racing drone, the Streak F4 board is the one for you.  It features the latest STM32 F405 processor to give you insanely fast loop times.  This coupled with a SPI gyro means that this flight controller will get bored while it is waiting for you to give it stick commands even in the most aggressive of FPV flights.  This board is stripped of any bells and whistles and just focuses on what matters, a fast MCU with a excellent inertial sensor.

Since this board is designed to be fully compatible with the vanilla Revo target within raceflight/betaflight, it means that you will always be able to use the absolute latest firmware built to get access to the newest features immediately.  Another intuative feature is the inclusion of an LDO power filter, which means that you can power this board directly from your Lipo with no need for an external BEC.   Please make sure your devices draw a maximum of 1A, otherwise the power filter might fry, so if you plan to use an OSD, it is best to power the OSD via a separate BEC.

All the boards board have full support for both PPM and SBUS inputs from your receiver.

When flashing raceflight or betaflight, select the AIRBOTF4 board as the target.

Please note that this board does not include any pin headers

Key Features

  • STM32 F405 168Mhz MCU
  • SBUS/PPM/SBUS input
  • UART1 has three inputs: 
    • 1. DSM2 socket, it is no inverter,  
    • 2. Pinheaders called UART TX RX, it is no inverter.
    • 3. Pinheaders called SBUS, it has inverter- SBUS is inverted on UART1 for Frsky Receivers.
  • Latest version of this board have dedicated SBUS and PPM pin headers (see pinout diagrams below)
  • Included a tiny bootloader button to make flashing new firmware easy, no need to short any connections!
  • 6PWM output (Pinheaders)
  • Only 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm

Three Versions

  • Airbot F4 MPU6000
    • This is the barebones version, it packs a fast F4 processor with the fast and vibration tolerant MPU6000 gyro.
    • LDO regulator (so you need to power this board with a separate 5V BEC)
  • Airbot F4 MPU9250
    • This version adds a 5V BEC regulator onboard so you can power this FC directly from your battery (2-4S)
    • MPU9250 alloys you to get gyro updates at upto 32Khz
  • Airbot F4 Dual (MPU6000 + ICM20608)
    • If performance and precision is what you are after, then the F4 dual packs 2x Gyros on the same board!
    • The F4 dual also has a SDcard slot onboard to log data to your blackbox at your hearts content
    • The F4 dual also includes a 5V BEC so you can power this board directly from your flight battery (2-4S)


Need to use I2C?

Please note if you plan to use I2C, you can currently only do this on UART3, or SoftSerial.  UART6 does not support I2C.

Board Pinouts

Airbot F4 Dual