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StratoSnapper 2

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The StratoSnapper 2 can be used as a Pixhawk camera trigger and it controls your camera remotely using a wire-trigger, LANC or infrared remote. When using infrared, this device has the capability to learn new commands on most remotes; see video for more details.  This device can not only work with Pixhawk products, but is able to work with hundreds of camera models, can take from 4 to 17 volts, and is highly durable and lightweight. This StratoSnapper 2 is available to ship from the UK for next day delivery (if chosen on checkout). 

This unit comprises of the StratoSnapper 2 main board, 2 x 30cm servo cable, 1x infrared transmitter and dual lock re-closable fasteners.

StratoSnapper 2 Introduction Video


Specifications for the StratoSnapper 2:

  • Control your camera remotely through infrared, wire or LANC.
  • Accepts four standard servo inputs, with op to eight different commands.
  • Learns new IR commands just by shooting your remote at it
  • Takes 4-17 volts input (1s-4s)
  • Wide range of wire-trigger cable accessories
  • Easy configuration through USB interface
  • Works with hundreds of camera models
  • Timelapse / stand-alone option
  • Reverse voltage and short circuit protection
  • Standard 2.56mm plugs, easily hackable
  • Completely open-source
  • Expandable through I2C bus
  • Highly durable, lightweight, small form factor and RoHS compliant

StratoSnapper 2 Contents

  • StratoSnapper 2 main board
  • Two servo cables (30cm)
  • One IR transmitter
  • Dual lock re-closeable fasteners

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