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SH1.0 to SH1.0 Pre-Crimped DIY Silicone Cable Set

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This cable pack includes a bunch of loose pre-crimped silicone wires and a bunch of spare JST SH1.0 connectors.  This allows you to build your own custom cable packs depending on whatever your needs are.  If its connecting a GPS module to your flight controller, an OSD, or whatever.

This pack enables you to make JST SH1.0 connectors ranging from 3 pin all the way to 12 pin connectors. two of each connector are included in this pack.

Furthermore this cable pack also includes wires of length 5cm, 10cm, and 15cm allowing you to make a cable pack.

Key Features

  • Pre-crimped JST SH1.0 to JST SH1.0 Connector cables, 5cm, 10cm and 15cm long.
  • JST SH1.0 housing from 3pin to 12pin
  • High quality silicone wire