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Rubber Vibration Damper Balls (Pack of 4)

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These are standard quality rubber vibration damper balls. These balls are used to eliminate the ripple effect seen in photos/videos caused by the high vibration frequency of multi-copters. We currently sell three sizes of these vibration damper balls; D12 x d6 x L14mm, D14 x d8 x L16mm and D17 x d7 x L21mm i.e. small, medium and large. Please see below for specifications for each size. 

Please note that we sell these balls in packs of 4; all sizes come in packs of 4. 



  • Small (D12 x d6 x L14mm)
    • Dimension: D12 x d6 x L14mm

    • Weight: 0.5g each

    • Fixing diameter: 6mm (suitable for 6mm diameter fixing holes)

    • Load capacity: 60g single one

  • Medium (D14 x d8 x L16mm)
    • Dimension: D14 x d8 x L16mm

    • Weight: 1g each

    • Fixing diameter: 9mm (suitable for 8mm diameter fixing holes)

    • Load capacity: 100g single one

  • Large (D17 x d7 x L21mm)
    • Dimension: D17 x d7 x L21mm

    • Weight: 0.8g each

    • Fixing diameter: 9mm (suit for 9mm diameter fixing holes)

    • Load capacity: 100g single one, 150g for two

    • Resonant vibration reduction rate: one single application: 170Khz at 90%, 120Khz at 82%, 85khz at 60%

    • Two balls application: 170khz at 88%, 120khz at 88%, 85khz at 78%