Shendrones Siccario FPV Cinelifter X8

From: £249.00 (ex VAT £207.50)

Developed with Gab707, Siccario is the ultimate Cinelifter, a 405mm X8 designed to optimize weight distribution for ideal flight characteristics.  Includes the Arm Bracers.

Please note camera mounts shown in the product photos are sold separately

Camera Damper Type

Shendrones 3D Printed Frame Parts for Siccario X8

Zcam Mount for Shendrones Siccario

Komodo Mount for ShenDrones Siccario

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Shendrones Siccario Universal Cam Mount

Shendrones Siccario FPV Cinelifter X8

From: £249.00 (ex VAT £207.50)

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