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This is the Unmanned Tech range of spare parts for the ImmersionRC Vortex FPV quadcopter series.  Use the buttons below to filter between spare parts for the Vortex 285 and the Vortex 250.

£43.99 (£36.66 excl. VAT)
£24.99 (£20.83 excl. VAT)

Vortex 150 Spare Parts

Vortex 150 Mini Crash Kit 1 (Red)

£13.99 (£11.66 excl. VAT)
£13.99 (£11.66 excl. VAT)
£9.49 (£7.91 excl. VAT)
Out of stock

Vortex 250 Pro Spare Parts

Vortex 250 Pro 5″ Replacement Arm

£9.50 (£7.92 excl. VAT)

Vortex 250 Pro Spare Parts

Vortex 250 Pro Pimp Kit

£37.95 (£31.63 excl. VAT)