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This seciton contains all of the flight control boards and autopilots that you use to control your quadcopter / multicopter.   The get the most out of your flight control boards  you should mount them onto your quadcopter/ multicopter frames using double sided foam tape, or some other vibration dampening material.  Its also a good idea (but not always needed) to balance your props to remove as many vibrations as possible.  Flight controllers like the KKmulticopter board is a low cost board that is only used to assist you fly and is great if you are looking to lean some piloting skills on your multicopter.  Flight controllers like the FY 91Q with the compass/GPS extension are more advanced and can be used to automatically hover your quadcopter in position.  Other boards such as ardupilot mega 2 is a fully featured UAV autopilot that can fly autonomous waypoint missions.

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£39.95 (£33.29 excl. VAT)
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£36.95 (£30.79 excl. VAT)

CleanFlight / BetaFlight

Kakute F4 AIO V2 Flight Controller

£35.76 (£29.80 excl. VAT)
£29.97 (£24.98 excl. VAT)