The DIY drones ArduCopter is an easy to set up and easy to fly platform for multirotors (quadcopter) and helicopters that goes way beyond most RC quadcopters on the market in the UK and Europe.  Arducopter is an open source project started at DIY drones.   Arducopter is able to be a complete UAV solution capable of both remote control and fully autonomous waypoint based flight.  Upgrades can enable wireless telemetry, and video streams from  your diy drones quadcopter back to a powerful  ground control station (also open source by the diy drones community) that will run on your laptop. 

Arducopter Features Include

-Flight Controller board be used to fly tricopters, quadcopter, hexacompter, octacopter and traditional helicopters
-High quality auto level and auto altitude control – fly level and straight. Or fly the awesome “simple flight” mode, which makes ArduCopter one of the easiest quadcopter to fly. Don’t worry about keeping an eye on your quadcopter orientation–let the computer figure it out! You just push the stick the way you want to go, and the autopilot figures out what that means for whatever orientation the copter is in, using its onboard magnetometer.
-Unlimited GPS waypoints. Just point and click waypoints in the Mission Planner, and ArduCopter will fly itself to them. No distance limits! You can script entire missions, including camera control
-Flight modes include, stabilise, loiter, position hold, autonomous mission mode including automatic takeoff and landing
-More features constantly being added by the DIY drones community

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Arducopter Motors & ESC

MT 3510 600Kv Multicopter Motor

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Arducopter Motors & ESC

MT 3515 650Kv Multicopter Motor


Arducopter Motors & ESC

MT2216 810Kv Muticopter Motor

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