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This section contains all of the accessories and add-ons that you can use on your Arducopter UAV. Add-ons such as ultrasonic rangefinders (sonar) allow for better altitude hold at lower altitudes, other additions like LED lights can add cool effects to your frame. All of the optional accessories for your Arducopter can be found here.

£67.25 (ex VAT £56.04)
£59.54 (ex VAT £49.62)
£64.49 (ex VAT £53.74)
£5.34 (ex VAT £4.45)
£5.95 (ex VAT £4.96)
£2.95 (ex VAT £2.46)
£2.99 (ex VAT £2.49)

Battery Accessories

Smoke Stopper XT30 / XT60

Out of stock

Power Distribution

Hex Power Selection Module

£34.95 (ex VAT £29.13)
£39.95 (ex VAT £33.29)
£8.99 (ex VAT £7.49)
Out of stock
£2.45 (ex VAT £2.04)

Power Distribution

BrainFPV RADIX Spare Parts Kit

£3.25 (ex VAT £2.71)

ESC and Motors Accessories

Tmotor Velox V45A V2 4in1 BLheli 32 ESC

£47.95 (ex VAT £39.96)

Power Distribution

BrainFPV Radix 2 Power Board

£19.95 (ex VAT £16.63)

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