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Premium Rubber Vibration Damper Balls (Pack of 4)

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These are premium vibration damping balls that you can use with your gimbal / flight controller mount to remove any unwanted vibrations.  See the extra images to see some applications. The extra quality of these damper balls can be seen and felt in the extra softness in the top of the balls (where the vibrations are absorbed), and the extra rigidity in the premium plastic used. 

Note: These balls are sold in packs of 4. 


  • Dimension: outer D17 x inner D7 x L21mm 
  • Weight: 2.7g each
  • Fixing diameter: Inner hole diameter is 7mm (suitable for 8-9mm diameter mounting holes)
  • Load capacity: 150g per vibration damper ball.
  • Resonant vibration reduction rate: one single application: 170Khz at 90%, 120Khz at 82%, 85khz at 60%
    • Two balls application: 170khz at 88%, 120khz at 88%, 85khz at 78%

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