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PixHack Autopilot Kit

Replaced with Pixracer

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This autopilot has been replaced by the Pixracer System

This is the Pixhack autopilot kit, based on the Pixhawk platform, but designed from the ground up to be the best possible pixhawk compatible autopilot with many improvements, while still keeping the overall cost as low as possible.  The two key feature improvements of the pixhack over the PX4 is the vibration isolated IMU, which has the IMU sensors mounted in a floating platform to ensure they always report the most accurate sensor readings.  In addition the IMU platform features a large anti interference shield which ensures your sensors will not report false values.  Other than that, the Pixhack uses the same core components as the original 3DR Pixhawk board.

The included Ublox M8N GPS module ensures your drone has super accurate positional information thanks the ability for the M8N GPS module to receive signals from both GPS and the Russian GLONASS satellite network.  Development of the Pixhack autopilot has taken over a year with many iterations resulting in the autopilot and with several months of testing we can assure you that this is a worthy competitor to the Pixhawk despite its lower cost.  Since this board is based on the same components it is fully compatible with the arducopter/ardupilot firmware and you can also use the PC mission planner software to install and upgrade the firmware as well as planning your drone missions.

Please note that we are now selling this kit with the new and improved version 2 of the 100mW 433MHz v2 telemetry kit. We also sell spare cables for connecting peripherals to the Pixhack autopilot. 


Backed with an Unmanned Tech 90 day warranty 

As with all of our Unmanned Tech autopilots, the Pixhack autopilot comes with a 90-day warranty so if any hardware fault appears (not caused by user error), we will happily repair or replace your board. 


Other minor improvements include new connectors that include a plastic clip to make them very easy to connect and disconnect, while still ensuring they remain properly secured so they will not come loose during flight.

Whats included with the Pixhack Autopilot Kit?

This pixhack kit inlcudes all the components you coulld possibly need for your drone build as shown in the image below


  • Pixhack Autopilot Module
  • High Voltage Power module - Suppoers 2S-6S LiPo batteries
  • Ublox M8N GPS/Compass module
  • PPM Encoder
  • 100mW 433Mhz Telemetry Kit (version 2 of this kit is now provided with the Pixhack and so the picture above is slightly outdated in this regard  -all connections are the same)
  • MinimOSD
  • I2C Hub
  • External LED module
  • Buzzer/Safety Switch Module

Pixhack Hardware Specifications

  • Processors
    • STM32F427 Cortex M4 with hardware floating point processing unit
    • SMT32F103 backup co-processor
  • Build in Sensors
    • The innovative design of this autopilot includes a floating IMU platform that is isolated from vibrations, sensors on the IMU platform include:
    • L3GD20 - three-axis digital 16 bit gyroscope
    • LSM303D - three-axis ,14 bit accelerometer/ magnetometer
    • MPU6000 - 6 axis accelerometer/magnetometer
    • MS5611 - high precision barometer
  • Enviromental and Voltage Specifications
    • Temperature range: - 5 ~ 50 degrees
    • Power Module , operating voltage : 2-6S
    • Power Module sensor output voltage : 5.4V 3A


This product comes with a 90 day warranty. Should any fault develop with this product that has not been caused by user error, we will repair/replace your pixhack autopilot kit within 90 days of your order. Please contact us with your order number if you need any help.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us