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OPLink Mini Transceiver Module (OPLM)

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This is the OPLink mini transceiver (both receiver and transmitter) module. With this product, you can set up a two-way radio system, allowing for real-time telemetry information to be passed from the ground control station (GCS) to the vehicle and vice versa.

Ordinarily, two OPLink modules (OPLM) are needed but if you are using this with the CC3D Revolution, please remember that this device has a built-in OPLink so only one is needed for the GCS. Please note that the same firmware must be running on all devices used in this setup.

The OPLMs operate on 433Mhz. You will therefore have to ensure that there is no frequency conflict if you are using a 433Mhz system.


  • 100mW Stand-alone Radio Modem
  • 3 IO Ports: Micro-B USB, Mainport & Flexiport
  • MMCX Antenna Connector
  • Weight: 4g
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 29mm
  • Input Voltage: +5v




This is for first time users of the OPLM. When first using the OLPM with a GCS, the module will not be automatically picked up by the GCS. You first need to go to the 'Firmware' tab and click 'Upgrade and Erase' when the OLPM is disconnected.

Please then plug the OLPM in when the system asks you to and once you have done this, the OPLM board will show up at the bottom of the GCS as a connected device. 

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