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Omnibus F4 V5.1 Flight Controller

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The omnibus series of flight controllers are known to be the best all in one integrated flight controller, using the best selection of sensors and parts at a great price and small form factor.  Now the latest addition to the series uses the performance STM32 F405 MCU.  The omnibus F4 uses the MPU6000/ICM-20608 IMU over SPI for the super fast gyro updates (up to 32Khz) to keep up with the fast F4 MCU, allowing you to run your betaflight/iNav control loop insanely fast.  This gives you the extra edge when racing your FPV quadcopter.

The AB7456 OSD chip (an upgraded MAX7456) allows for direct configuration and updates directly within betaflight.  This OSD chip uses much less power than the older MAX7456 OSD Chip, but the main benefit is that it can be configured directly within betaflight, no need for an external FTDI, or jumper switches.   In addition the omnibus F4 includes a high performance 5V, 1.5A STM L78 voltage regulator which help filter the power and adds voltage protection to the board. 

You can view the omnibus F4 V5 Manual over on

Omnibus Versions

  • The V5 omnibus includes a current source selection jumper (see pinout below for more details), also the omnibus f4 v5 uses a new 8 pin Sh 1.0 Socket to make connecting a 4in1 ESC much easier. This is compatible with up to 6S batteries. 
  • The V4 omnibus main feature is that the solder jumper to selected between PPM/SBUS is no longer needed.  The board also features some minor hardware revisions to increase the boards robustness even more.
  • The V3 fixes some of the LDO problems of the V2, so now you can power this board directly from your battery (up to 4S Lipo)

Key Features

  • Flight controller designed specifically for betaflight
  • SmartAudio V2 Support, control your VTX power, channel via the airbot OSD (only supported VTX like the TBS Unify Pro)
  • SD card reader so you can log data to your hearts content (need to buy a micro SD card)
  • Solder jumper selector for PPM/SBUS receivers (no need to remove resistors)
  • BMP 280 Baro included as standard, runs on SPI bus
  • Official target within betaflight firmware updater for easy updating (OMNIBUSF4SD)
  • Latest generation STM32 F405 MCU (168Mhz)
  • SPI Sensor MPU6000 on 75Mhz SPI bus
  • Compatible with both SBUS, PPM and DSMX receivers
  • AB7456 OSD directly configurable via betaflight GUI
  • Compatible with up to 6S batteries.


  • STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight 3.0 firmware
  • SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)
  • 6PWM output
  • Only 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm
  • BMP 280 Baro
  • SPI Sensor MPU6000/ICM-20608
  • 128Mbit Flash
  • Powered directly from 2-6S Lipo (v5 only)

Kit Contents

  • 1x Omnibus F4 Flight controller

We do not include nay pin headers with this board, but we do sell them separately, you will also need to get a micro SD card if you want to use blackbox logging.

Zadig Drivers

If you have problems connecting to the board, or uploading new firmware the best fix is to use the zadig driver tool.

  • Push BOOT button on the flight controller.
  • Plug-in the USB cable (the red LED should not be as bright as normally).
  • Fire up Zadig and hit “Options” and then “List All Devices”.
  • From the list choose “STM32 BOOTLOADER”.
  • Under “Driver” choose “WinUSB” on the right and hit “Reinstall Driver”.

For more information check out our zadig driver tool tutorial

Omnibus F4 V5 Pinout

The V5 omnibus includes a current source selection jumper (see pinout below for more details), also the omnibus f4 v5 uses a new 8 pin Sh 1.0 Socket to make connecting a 4in1 ESC much easier.


Omnibus F4 V4 Pinout

This v4 pinout is for people who still use the older version.  The notable feature of the V4 board is that the SBUS/PPM solder selector jumper has been removed, now you can just connect your receiver to J7 and select the type within betaflight.


Omnibus F4 V3 Pinout

The pinout was kept here for previous customer still flying on the V3 omnibus.



There is a known bug with betaflight that can sometimes prevent you from switching between SBUS and PPM.  You need to first select serial RX and sbus in the configuration tab, save.  Then go turn on serial RX on the UART 6 port in the ports tab and save.  Then go back between the two to make sure the settings have been saved correctly as sometimes it does not save properly.

Inverted and non-inverted SBUS

  • SBUS/PPM (J7) header (uart6) This is for inverted signal receivers; has fixed inverter that can not be turned off (by cli command sbus_inverter=on/off)
  • RX1 (on J2) (uart1), These are for non-inverted signal receivers.

Spektrum DSM

  • DSM connector (on J8). This is for non-inverted signal receivers, and is equivalent to RX1.