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Omnibus F3 Nano Flight Controller

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The omnibus F3 nano, as the name suggests is a tiny flight controller at 25x25mm (with 20x20mm mounting holes).  But just because its small does not mean we have not packed it with equipment.  When you buy an omnibus F3 nano, you get a betaflight flight controller with a built in OSD, Barometer, integrated PDB with 1-2S BEC, LC filter, and current sensor!  Essentially this board packs everything you expect from a full-size omnibus board, making this the ultimate board to use on your next micro brushless quadcopter board.

You can power this board directly via your flight battery (1-2S) and the built in 5V regulator will provide power to all the integrated equipment.  The built in PDB with 4 ESC support makes it easy to connect your ESC directly to the FC, the ESC connectors are arranged around the board specifically for quadcopter builds.

This board is officially supported within betaflight v3.0+, so when upgrading firmware select the target to be OMNIBUS.

Key Features

  • STM32 F303 MCU with SPI MPU6000 IMU sensor
  • Only 25x25mm, mount holes 20x20mm
  • BMP280 Baro
  • LC Filter
  • 1-2S 5v, 1A BEC
  • LC Filter for FPV video
  • 60A Current sensor
  • SBUS/PPM receiver compatibility (solder jumper selected) (DSM Receiver connector on J8)

Kit Contents

With this kit you will only receive the F3 Nano Flight Controller.  If you would like to order pin headers we do sell them on our website.

Omnibus F3 Nano Pinout


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