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OMNIBUS F3 Flight Controler

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The Omnibus AIO flight controller represents the new generation of FPV racing flight controllers with loads of integrated features and performance.  To start the flight controller has a built in OSD which can be configured directly within the betaflight GUI.  The built in SD card reader means you can store all your flight logs in incredible detail to help you fine tune your quadcopter to get the best performance out of it.  Furthermore, the MPU6000 IMU runs on the SPI bus to get insanely fast readings from the IMU to the flight controller.

This is the new version that includes a reinforced USB port and does not require any soldering to switch between PPM/SBUS receivers, please see our omnibus F3 quickstart guide for more information

Omnibus F3 Features

  • 36mmx36mm board running F303 MCU
  • SBUS/PPM receiver selectabe via betaflight configurator (no resistor soldering required)
  • Built in OSD, SD Card Reader
  • Voltage Regulator allows you to power the board directly from your own battery (up to 4S), or via 5V supply directly from ESC
  • MPU6000 IMU sensor running on SPI
  • Designed specificaly for BetaFlight Firmware
  • Directly compatible with the Typhoon Pro 4in1 littlebee ESC
  • OSD based on AB7456 OSD chip (an upgraded MAX7456) allows to to configure OSD directly within betaflight

The Omnibus F3 flight controller is an integrated flight controller and OSD specifically designed for ease of use and outstanding flight performance. The MPU6000 inertial motion sensor was chosen for it's high reliability, accuracy and update speed. This board has no problem running fast loop times and ESC protocols. There is an optional onboard barometer (not included) for altitude sensing along with an On Screen Display (OSD) chip directly connected to the main processor (MCU). This tight integration between the MCU and the OSD enables fast updates to the display and easy configuration of the OSD, which is managed straight from the BetaFlight configuration tool. You no longer need to worry about the extra hassle of configuring your OSD with a USB/UART adapter and 3rd party configuration tool, it's all built into the flight control software.

Designed to work best with BorisB impressive BetaFlight firmware,   Boris is a control system expert and has implemented his own "ISA-PID compensator" based PID controller, called the BetaFlight PIDc, that gives an almost-predictive control for that super locked-in stick feeling.

To power the board you have two options. Either connect battery directly to BAT/GND or supply 5V on one of the ESCs connections. However you obviously want to have voltage display in your OSD so just connect BAT/GND to your LiPo (up to 4S).


  • STM32 F303 MCU, Runs Betaflight 3.0 firmware

  • SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)

  • 8PWM output (1-4Pinheaders and Sh1.0 Plug, 5-6 as Pinheaders)

  • Only 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm

  • SPI Sensor MPU6000

  • SD Card solt in addition to 128Mb Flash(16M Byte)

  • 2-4S Lipo Direct power

Kit Contents

  • 1x Flight Controller
  • Please note that this board does not include any pin headers, but they can be purchased here


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