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Matek F405-STD Betaflight Flight Controller

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This is the F405 STD Matek systems, fully compatible with both Betaflight and iNav.  This flight controller uses the ICM-20602 gyro connected via SPI to product 32Khz gyro updates to detect quadcopter's motion for precision control.  In addition this flight controller packs a betaflight OSD giving you the ability to view OSD information and also set flight controller parameters via the OSD menu.  More importantly this flight controller is designed to be stack-able with the Matek FCHUB-6S to make for a reliable and truly 6S compatible flight stack.  Dont need 6S?  Then this FC also stacks with the FCHUB-VTX to have a excellent VTX with telemetry.     But the advantage of this stackable nature is that in a serious crash, if something breaks you have the option of replacing a component such as the FC, or the PDB which is abit cheaper than replacing a all in one board.  Furthermore this FC also has a SD card slot allowing you to log at much data as you want.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a solid FC that doesn't break the bank, works on both Inav and Betaflight use.. the F405-STD is the one for you.


Key Features

  • F405 MCU with ICM20602 32Khz gyro
  • F405 supports PID loops at 16Khz
  • 5x UART ports accessible 
  • Betaflight OSD
  • 3x LEDs for FC STATUS (Blue, Red) and 3.3V indicator(Red)
  • 6x PWM / DShot outputs without conflict
  • 2x 2812 LED outputs for loads of RGB bling
  • 5x UARTs are accessable
  • 1x Group of 5V/G/S1/S2/S3/S4 pads for 4in1 ESC Signal/GND
  • 4x pairs of corner pads for ESC Signal/GND connections (DSHOT compatible)
  • 1x pair I2C1 pads for use with a magnetometer (iNav)
  • 1x Side-press button for BOOT(DFU) mode
  • 1x 16pin bottom mounted FFC Slot for FCHUB-6S, FCHUB-VTX or FCHUB-W connection
  • 36x36mm PCB with 30.5mm mounting holes




Hardware Specifications

  • MCU: 168MHz STM32F405RGT6

  • IMU: 32K ICM20602 gyro/accelerometer (SPI)

  • Baro: BMP280 (I2C)

  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip

  • Blackbox: MicroSD card slot (SD/SDHC)


  • Built in inverter for SBUS input (UART2-RX)

  • PPM/UART Shared: UART2-RX

  • SoftSerial on TX2, S5 or S6 optional

  • Camera control on S6 or DAC optional

  • Smartaudio & Tramp VTX protocol supported

  • Battery Voltage Sensor: 1:10

  • Current Sensor: No (FCHUB-6S, FCHUB-VTX, FCHUB-W option)

  • BEC 5V: No (FCHUB-6S, FCHUB-VTX, FCHUB-W option)

  • LDO 3.3V: Max.300mA

  • I2C1 SDA & SCL: Yes

  • WS2812 Led Strip : Yes

  • Beeper : Yes

  • RSSI: Yes


Connecting your Receiver to the F405-STD



Connecting with BetaFlight


F405-STD Wiring diagram for iNav aircraft


If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us