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Jumper T8SG V2 Multi-Protocol Compact Radio

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This is the T8SG V2, a multi-protocol 2.4GHz compact radio from Jumper. This means exactly what you think it means - this radio is compatible with almost any receiver type. Spektrum, FrSky, FlySky, Futaba... you name it, this radio can likely work with it. The Jumper T8SG comes pre-installed with the DeviationTX software and it contains a 4-in-1 RF chip (the CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936 RF chip modules). 

The T8SG is also an extremely compact radio measuring just 188x151x86mm but this doesn't mean you lose the feel and control exhibited by a bigger radio. This is the ultimate portable solution for all your vehicle models and you even get a carry case with the Jumper T8SG!

The new version 2 includes uan external JR/FrSKY compatible module bay so you can use it with external transmitters for even more compatiblity.  THe radio itself can use up to 12 channels depending on what receiver you are using.

Key Features:

  • Multi-protocol radio - compatible with most receiver types
  • Comes with DeviationTX software pre-installed
  • JR/Frsky compatible external module bay
  • Small and lightweight
  • Comes with carry case to make this radio the perfect portable solution!

T8SG V2 compared to T8SG V2 Plus

  • V2 Plus has a bigger screen
  • V2 Plus uses hall gimbal sensors

RF Chip Data:


Note: this radio comes without a battery. Suitable batteries include 2S LiPo battery packs.