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reComputer Jetson Series

reComputer Jetson series are compact edge computers built with NVIDIA advanced AI embedded systems: Jetson-10 (Nano) and Jetson-20 (Xavier NX). With rich extension modules, industrial peripherals, thermal management combined with decades of Seeed’s hardware expertise, reComputer Jetson is ready to help you accelerate and scale the next-gen AI product emerging in diverse AI scenarios.

recomputer jetson

The series is compatible with NVIDIA Jetson software stack, cloud-native workflows, industry-leading AI frameworks, helping deliver seamless AI integration. Currently, there are four versions available as shown below:

Side ViewPirPirPirPir
Equipped ModuleJetson Nano 4GBJetson Nano 4GBJetson Xavier NX 8GBJetson Xavier NX 16GB
Operating carrier BoardJetson-10-1-AJetson A206Jetson A206Jetson A206
Power InterfaceType-C connectorDC power adapterDC power adapterDC power adapter
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