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Infrared Shutter Controller for Sony Cameras

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This shutter controller allows you to trigger your Sony camera to take pictures via infra-red. You connect this board to a spare channel on your receiver, or with an autopilot and when that channel is set to high, the camera will take pictures continuously.   There is a power LED that with flash when the camera shutter control is triggered.

Please note that you will need to have a camera that is able to be triggered via Infra-red (almost all SLR cameras can be).   Usually if your camera has a infra-red remote control you can use this device.  Also note that you will need a board that corresponds to your camera make, we currently sell the IR trigger for Sony, Cannon, and Nikon Cameras.


Weight: 1.4g
Cameraï¼?SONY-NEX 5N 5R 6R 7N…… 
Effective rangeï¼?3m 



You need to use a three-stage switch channel.

  • Single->IN 
  • VCC->5V 
  • GND->GND 


Power, the indicator will flash the self test is complete.

When the signal value is:

  • 2200-1750 Take photos(If you keep this value will take consecutive shots) 
  • 1600-1400 No action 
  • 1250-800 Toggle Video (start/stop)

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