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Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino

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This is the Grove Smart Plant Care Kit for Arduino that helps monitor and care for plant growth. This is the perfect kit for those electronic beginners who are getting started with Arduino and fancy a project that has a real aim; to nurture and grow a plant! This is a one-stop solution to building your own plant care system! 

This kit is really simple to use; there is no soldering required and no breadboard, just plug and play! This functional kit can detect the temperature, soil moisture and sunlight intensity, as well as automatically water your plant! Please see the video below for a short demo. 

Part List:

  • Grove - Base Shield - this is the expansion board to which you connect all your grove products.
  • Grove - Temp & Humidity Sensor - this is to detect the temperature and the humidity.
  • Grove - Moisture Sensor - to detect the moisture level in the soil.
  • Grove - Sunlight Sensor - to detect illumination intensity.
  • Grove - OLED Display 1.12" - to display parameters.
  • Grove - Encoder - to adjust the control knob.
  • Grove - Button - to adjust the parameters.
  • Grove - Relay - to control the water pump.
  • Grove - Water Flow Sensor - to detect the speed and volume of the water flow.
  • 12V Water Pump - to pump the water in order to water your plant. 

Documents and Resources:

  • Please see this guide for a step by step tutorial. 
  • There is also a wiki page for this product. It is much appreciated if you can improve this page by adding more demo codes and tutorials.
  • For technical support, please visit the forum