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FY Mini 3D Pro GoPro Brushless Gimbal for your Aircraft

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FY Mini 3D Pro GoPro Brushless Gimbal for your Aircraft

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Feiyu Tech now brings you the new and upgraded version of the Mini 3D gimbal for Aircraft; the Mini 3D Pro 3-axis brushless gimbal. The main improvements include the ability to pan the whole 360 degrees and a whole new design that makes assembly a breeze. With this gimbal, you can now capture amazing footage from your unmanned aircraft. This gimbal also produces incredibly stable and smooth FPV video making this the perfect choice for your UAV.

The Mini 3D Pro obtains accurate perception attitude changes in each of the motors and with an advanced motor driver program, the sinusoidal wave outputs are silky smooth. With the use of slip-rings, this gimbal provides the 360 degree pan whilst avoiding any wire coiling. The Mini 3D Pro also has had a material upgrade; all parts of this gimbal are constructed from metal materials resulting in extreme stabilisation and hardy hardware. 

This gimbal is suitable for Gopro4 / Gopro3+/Gopro3 or the cameras with the similar size (41mmx59mmx21mm, extra LCD is compatible).  It can be mounted on a number of multirotors, fixed wing and helicopters, including the DJI Phantom.


Multiple Modes

There are three modes for this gimbal:

Panning Mode

Camera is permitted to pan left or right.

Vertical tilts or rolls are restricted.

Panning and Tilting Mode

Camera is permitted to pan left or right and tilt up and down.

Rolls are restricted.

Lock mode

Camera stays in its current orientation. 

All panning, tilting and rolls are restricted.



Multiple Installation Choices

There are three methods of installation: vertical, hanging and forward-facing. Choose which one best suits your needs. 



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