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FY MG v2 /FY MG Lite - DSLM camera gimbal

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This is the new V2 of the MG series of gimbals which include tool less adjustment and hardware design improvements to get even better performance out of the gimbals.  Improvements for the full MG V2 gimbal also include more powerful motors and bigger batteries so the gimbal can be used for about 8 hours before you need to charge it again.

This is the Feiyu Tech FY-MG/FY-MG Lite gimbal designed for DSLM size cameras.  Using experience gained from the wildly successful range of GoPro gimbals, Feiyu Tech have designed a ready to use camera for mirrorless cameras weighing up to 1Kg. These include the Sony A7RII range and the N series like NEX 5N, NEX 7. Cameras like LCE-7R, ILCE-5100, Panasonic LUMIX GH4 are also supported.  The main advantage of this camera gimbal over competitors is that all 3 axes have full 360 degree motion, meanin you are not limited by the gimbal frame itself and this offers greater levels of stabilisation.  So if you are looking for a easy to use gimbal for your professional filming applications then the FY-MG/FY-MG Lite is the ideal choice for you!  

FY-MG Features

  • 360 degree motion on all axis
  • Supports cameras up to 1Kg such as Sony A7RII, Panasonic Lumix GH4, NEX 5,Nex 7
  • Arrives fully ready to use, no need to configure it via complex PC software
  • Includes a wireless control joystick to change modes and angles of the gimbal
  • Four working modes to offer greater flexibility during use
  • includes a carry case with foam inserts to keep your gimbal safe during transport and storage.

FY-MG V2 vs FY-MG Lite

If you are wondering what the difference is between the FY-MG and the FY-MG Lite camera gimbals, then wonder no more! The MG Lite only includes the gimbal unit with a single handle (as shown in photo), with no extra accessories/carry case, so if you dont want any of the extra handles or carry case, why pay for it. It can support the same range of cameras and features all the aspects that you find on the FY-MG gimbal. This is the gimbal for those of you who want a slightly lighter gimbal and can make do with just the one handle. Please see the product pictures for what you get with the FY-MG Lite gimbal. 













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