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FrSky uSky Nano Receiver

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Don't you hate it when the servo connector is bigger than your receiver? No? Me neither.

The uSky nano receiver is the worlds smallest and lightest FrSky compatible full telemetry receiver, measuring at just 11.2mm x 8.51mm and weighing 0.37g. This is from the designer of the TinyFish, Simon and is published as a uSKY open source project


Key Features:

  • Really, really small... 11x9mm at 0.4g so it's absolutely tiny and light.
  • Runs completely open source firmware (hardware is also open source)
  • SBUS output (only runs in D8 mode for now so not compatible with EU LBT firmware)
  • Runs at 3.3V (so watch out for this because most FC have 5V supply for ESC)


  • Voltage: 3.3V
  • Output: SBUS
  • Weight: 0.37g
  • Size: 11.2 x 8.51mm
  • Compatibility: Frsky D8 X9D Plus (not EU LBT firmware)


Check out our little How to Bind guide for this process

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