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Feiyu Tech FY-G4S 3-axis Handheld Gimbal

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This is the new 360 degrees, 3-axis handheld gimbal from Feiyu Tech that is the next step up for your GoPro stabilising platform. Not only does it bring all the expertise and technology from the FY-G4, it now adds complete flexibility in the form of 360 degree on all 3 axis. There are now no limitations to what you can do with this gimbal!

This latest upgrade is not just about the 360 degree view; there are several other added features that make this device the perfect companion for your GoPro sports camera. There is now an added 8-directional joystick to move your camera, there is an in-built function to charge your GoPro while using your FY-G4S gimbal and there's now no need to fiddle around with attaching and detaching your GoPro as the FY-G4S now comes with a buckle fasten.

On top of this, they have also replaced the power switch at the bottom of the FY-G4 with a tripod mount, massively broadening the versatility of the FY-G4S. To top it all off, included in the price of the FY-G4S, you get a handy and stylish carry case that protects your gimbal and makes it the easiest device to carry with you at all times.

Note: please see the video below for an overview of this product. 

Specifications and features:

  • Tilt: 360 degrees
  • Roll: 360 degrees
  • Pan: 360 degrees
  • Weight; 260g
  • Working time: 4.5 hours
  • 4 modes with a 8-directional joystick
  • Built-in mini-USB for GoPro charging and video output
  • In-built tripod mount
  • Easy to attach/detach GoPro buckle
  • Comes with hard shell carry case

Comparison between new G4S and G4:


The new G4S now comes with an 8 directional joystick that allows you to control the camera movement with your thumb; no more need for the remote controller!


The G4S comes with an in-built mini-USB connector that allows you to charge your GoPro as you use your gimbal. This also allows for video output. 


The power switch on the G4 has now been replaced by a tripod mount, increasing the versatility of the gimbal dramatically!


Simply attach and detach your GoPro with the G4S as it now comes with a 'squeezable' buckle. 


Last but not least, the G4S comes with this stylish and practical carry case. 

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