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Feiyu G4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones

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This is the FY G4 Smartphone gimbal, a 3-axis gyro stabilised handheld camera mount for your iPhone, Galaxy, or other camera phone to allow you to shoot perfectly smooth videos with your smartphone.  This gimbal means that you can use your phone to shoot ultra-smooth, professional looking videos, say goodbye the previous shaky videos you often see with smartphone videos.


Key Features:

  • Compatible with most smartphones up to screens 6 inches big, such as iPhone 6, moto g, Samsung galaxy S series etc...
  • Now includes counter balance you can add if using a larger smartphone
  • 3 second start-up
  • Only 2 batteries necessary (4 hours or running time) - batteries and charger are included
  • Quick release smartphone bracket, providing a secure mount for your phone.
  • No exposed cables
  • Improved angle of 170 degrees

The Fy G4 gimbal arrives fully assembled and ready to use, all you need to do it insert the included batteries, attach your phone and you can start recording smooth videos with your phone.  Mounting your phone to the gimbal is very quick easy via the secure C clamp, while still being strong enough to ensure your phone does not fall out.  The overall size of this gimbal is small enough to easy enough to carry around with you instead of a selfie stick.  On the handle of this gimbal, there is a function button and LED which is used to change between the operating modes, for example you can set the gimbal to follow smoothly as you move it around, or have it locked in a specific orientation as you move it around.   Either way changing between modes is very simple and easy thanks to the large thumb button on the handle.


Why Have a Handheld Gimbal for your Smartphone?

Why would you have one of these handheld gimbals in the first place? Why not just have a normal camera? Well, these gimbals can come in very useful in all types of scenarios but one of the principal uses for this awesome steady cam device, is for the filming of any life moment withough all the bumpy, and blurry footage. Some smartphones have some level of image stabilisation built in, but this usualy means that your videos are cropped, loosing some resultion.  By using this Fy G4 smartphone gimbal, you will be able to record super smooth videos under almost any situation, be it running, walking, in a vehicle etc..

On top of this, you can purchase extra extension poles for the feiyu tech  FY G4 3-axis gimbal that extend the possible range of filming significantly. With this simple accessory, all the possible high-angle/ low-angle shots are available to you, resulting in incredible footage.













You will receive a 1 year manufacturer warranty with your purchase of the FY G4. If any hardware fault does appear within 1 year that has not been caused by user error we will help you to get it repaired at the factory.

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