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ESC Calibration Throttle Hub for 8 ESCs

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This is the humble throttle hub for all your ESC calibration needs. This hub can calibrate up to 8 ESCs at one time saving you time that could be spent flying! 

There are two main uses for this hub:

  1. You can use this throttle hub to quickly and accurately calibrate up to 8 ESC at the same time. This is ideal for your tricopter/quadcopter/hexacopter/octocopter setup (just plug the 3/4/6/8 ESC wires into the hub and the one wire from the hub to your throttle channel on the receiver).
  2. You can also use this if you want to send the same control signal to 1 - 8 ESC (dual engine aircraft) or if you want to control up to 4 servos with a single channel.

This throttle hub also comes with an easy-to-use English manual.