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Emlid Navio2 Autopilot for Raspberri Pi

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This is the Navio2 Autopliot Shield that is used with the Raspberry Pi board (sold separately). This autopilot is not only designed as a platform for a Linux version of APM but also as a platform for your custom robotic projects. The Navio2 eliminates any need to have multiple controllers on-board as everything is packed into one (with the Raspberry Pi), thus increasing the robustness of your project and facilitating the development. With the Navio2, you can control all kinds of moving robots such as cars, boats, multirotors and planes. The Navio2 is also equipped with double IMU and a GPS/Glonass/Beidou receiver for accurate positioning and orientation.

Navio is more than a ready to fly autopilot – it was built for research and education and has proven itself in universities and research institutions worldwide. Just think of the numerous projects that involve IMU, GPS, barometer, servo control and a user-friendly programming environment. Open-source drivers and detailed tutorials are available both in C++ and Python. All experimental data can be processed directly on Raspberry Pi.

There are several accessories for the Navio2; we have the GPS/GNSS antenna, a wire pack and of course the Raspberry Pi. All of these are available to add to your order at the top of the page. 



  • APM Flight StackNavio runs well proven APM flight stack and can operate in different flight modes including manual, stabilize, follow-me and auto. Code is executed directly on Raspberry Pi with real-time Linux kernel and you can run your applications alongside it. Copter, Plane and Rover are supported.

  • Multi-platform GCS - APM supports MAVLink communication with a wide variety of GCS choices for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as for Android and IOS. Navio sends telemetry over Wi-Fi, LTE, BT or any other modem. With remote login you can monitor your system, execute commands and run scripts in flight. 

  • Internet Connectivity - Use LTE modem or high power Wi-Fi to make your drone accessible over the internet or on your local network. Stream video from the Raspberry Pi camera and use a joystick to control your drone from anywhere in the world. Navio is a multimedia autopilot and we can’t wait to see what you are able to do with it.

  • Built-in GNSS - GPS, GLONASS and Beidou satellite systems are supported. An external antenna port is available for flexible antenna choice.

  • RC IO Co-processor - Accepts PPM, SBUS input and provides 14 PWM output channels with variable frequencies.

  • Dual IMU - Two IMU chips provide unmatched flight performance and redundancy.

  • Extension Ports - DF13 ports with ADC, I2C and UART interfaces are available for connection of sensors and radios.

  • High Resolution Baro - Top notch barometer provides altitude sensing with 10 cm resolution.

  • Advanced CircuitryTriple redundant power supply. Power module port with overvoltage protection and sensing of voltage and current.



  • MPU9250 9DOF IMU
  • MS5611 Barometer
  • U-blox M8N Glonass/GPS/Beidou
  • RC I/O co-processor
  • Compatible with Reach RTK


  • 14 PWM servo outputs
  • PPM/S.Bus input
  • Triple redundant power supply
  • Power module connector
  • UART, I2C, ADC for extensions
  • Size: 55x65mm
  • Weight: 23g