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DSLR Universal Interval IR Remote

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Are you intrigued and interested in time-lapse pieces of footage and want to create such films yourself? Well now you can with the DSLR Universal Interval IR Remote from SeeedStudio (along with your DSLR camera). This awesome little device sends IR commands to your camera to shoot peridoically at configured intervals. In this way, you will get thousands of pictures of a scene and you can combine them to create that time-lapse effect.  
The IR command is compatible with most DSLR makes and models and you do not have to configure it.
Note: This kit requires soldering


Instructions for Usage

You can power the board either by the Micro USB port or with batteries. You must select the power source "USB" or "BATTERY" by the slide switch on the edge of the board, depending on how you power the board.
When you have done this, the board automatically starts to fire the IR command periodically. You can select the interval time by pressing the push-button switch in the center of the board. The LED on the board has two menu options; the cycle from 0-9, and the cyle from A-F. This allow you to choose different interval lengths. Selecting 0 results in an interval of 1 second, 1 on the LED results in an interval of 2 seconds etc. and so 9 on the LED means an interval of 10 seconds. If you would like a longer interval then these, then the second menu comes in, A-F. A gives you an interval of 15 seconds, B 20 seconds and so on in 5 second increments until F which gives you a 40 seconds interval. . 
Note: the LED will turn off after 8 seconds of pressing the button (except for a small dot). The IR continues to work in this state. 


Please install and fix the board near your digital SLR camera. The IR LED should face the IR remote receiver on your camera. Cable ties may be useful to fix the board on your tripod. Please see below for an example of such a setup. 

Changing the interval from seconds to minutes

You also have the option of changing the intervals to minutes instead of seconds. You do this by connecting the pads marked 'JP2' on the board. You will then be able to select interval times from 1 to 40 minutes. 

Note: You will have to turn off your cameras automatic sleep mode when choosing long intervals. 

Combining the pictures

In order to combine the pictures into the time-lapse sequence, you will need film-editing software. Such software includes TMPGenc (for Windows) and iMovie (for Mac OSX). The usage of the software is out of scope of this documentation.

Compatible DSLRs

Here is the list of confirmed compatible DSLR makes and models:
  • Canon: 7S, 7, 10, 55, 100P, 100, Kiss 7, Kiss 5, Kiss Lite, Kiss III L, Kiss III, IX E, 5D Mk II, 7D, Kiss DX, Kiss X2, Kiss X3, Kiss X4, Kiss DN 
  • Nikon: D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90, D3000, D5000, Nikon 1 J1 
  • OLYMPUS: E-30, E-3, E-410, E-520, E-620 
  • Pentax: K-5, K-x, K-m, K-r, K-01, K20D/10D, K200D/100D, *ist DS/DL, Compact Digital Camera with IR Remote
  • Sony: α55, α230, α380, α550, α700, α900, NEX-5, NEX-7 
  • Sigma: SD14, SD15 (ch1 only)


For more information, please see here.