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Diatone 2018 GT-M200 Normal Plus Quadcopter Frame

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The M200 quadcopter frame series from diatone boasts the new easy cage design which makes it super easy to access your electronics to make repairs or modifications.  The new 2018 series of frames now boast fewer individual components, less screws and a considerably stronger design to give you the confidence to push that little more when racing.  Diatone have designed this new series of frames to be the strongest possible frame in the 100g weight class.

The all-new design that diatone call the normal plus, takes us back to the roots of quadcopter design (anyone remembers + quadcopters?).  However, we all quickly moved away from plus quadcopter configurations as the front motor was in the way of the FPV camera.  However this new plus design has the front arm stretched out further to keep it out of the way from your FPV camera video.  Some people claim this design gives you better control authority as each motor is exactly on the axis of rotation, so you don't need two motors to work well together to pitch up or down.  However, this is only true when are rotating exactly about one of the axes, when you are not, then it's exactly the same as an X frame.   Either way, this plus frame does make your quad-copter stand out from the crowd and looks quite menacing when it screeches past.

Key Features

  • Stretch Plus Frame Design
  • One of the strongest frames in the 100g weight class
  • 6mm 3K carbon fiber arms
  • 6061 Aluminium alloy easy open cage
  • Integrated adjustable FPV camera mount


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