UK Drone Registration Fee Lowered πŸ”»

CAA has published their latest updates to the controversial drone and model aircraft registration scheme. The annual fee has been reduced from Β£16.50 to Β£9 following an outcry from the industry. Here is a quick summary of the key facts you need to know: Registration open from 5th November. Becomes law and is mandatory from […]

New Stuff: Two Antennas met on a roof πŸ“‘

Two Antennas met on a roof. The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was excellent (sorry πŸ˜†). With that out of the way, this week we have a bunch of new products that have come in, and you have probably guessed that they is mostly themed around antennas. 🀿Periscope Pagoda Long Boi First up is […]

Meet The Motors

If you’re looking for a modern motor, with everything you could possibly desire, this is the one. We made this motor because, well… To be perfectly honest, we wanted our very own motor. More importantly, though, we wanted our own motor because we wanted a motor that had everything, no compromises. Read on to find […]

SkyEcho 2 Recall Notice (For Units Purchased Before Jan 2019)

A small number of early SkyEcho devices exhibited behaviour, caused by a faulty component, which could affect its ability to be reliably received by other EC receivers.  Whilst we cannot be certain that yours specifically is affected, we do know that yours contains the component in question.  For certainty, and your safety, we would like […]