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BE8108-16-100kv Motor for heavy lift drones or gimbals

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BE8108-16 100Kv
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This is a man-sized motor you can use for high efficiency, multi-rotor set-ups. It can pull over 1kg with a (g/W) of over 18 using 28 inch propellers. This 100kv motor weighs just 240g and this pack includes a regular propeller shaft adapter, and a direct mount propeller adapter. This gives you the flexibility to choose different types of propeller.

This motor can also be used for custom gimbals designed to carry large cameras such as the red epic.

Built using high-precision CNC machine components and high temperature 40UH magnets. This motor is suited for professional applications.

BE8108-16(100KV) VOLTAGE CURRENT SPEED CURRENT Pull Power Battery/prop
V A rpm A g W
14.8     3.9 1090 57.7  2810carbon fiber
18.5     5.6 1550 103.6 
22.2     7.4 2090 164.3 
25     8.6 2600 215.0 


  • Kv: 100rpm/v
  • Dimensions: 86.8 × 26.6mm
  • Motor Mount Holes: M3 x 25mm / 35mm / 30mm and M4 x 32mm
  • Rated Watts: 900W
  • Current: 8.6A
  • Cell count: 6 ~ 12S Lipoly
  • Motor wire length: 90mm
  • Weight: 240g

BE8108-16 100kv motor