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Battery Monitor/ Alarm 1-8S

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This is a 1 to 8 cell battery monitor/ alarm (alarm mode 2-8S).  When it is connected it will constantly monitor the voltage of your battery that it is connected to.  When the voltage falls below 3.3V a bright LED and a loud buzzer will let you know.  This unit also has an LED display that can be used to quickly check the voltage of any battery.  With voltage range from 3-30V means you can use this battery monitor on batteries ranging from 1 cell, all the way to 8 cell Lipo batteries

This monitor is connected directly to the charge cable of your Lipo Battery

Battery Monitor Specifications

  • Use for 1-8S Lipo/LiMn/Li-Fe
  • Voltage detection precision ±0.01V
  • Unit voltage display range 0.5-4.5V
  • Total voltage display range: 0.5 - 36V
  • 1S test mode voltage range: 3.7-30V
  • Low voltage alarm mode for 2-8S
  • Alarm set value range: OFF-2.7-3.8V
  • Weight: 8.7g/ 0.31oz