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ArduPilot Mega Minim OSD v1.2

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This is the new MinimOSD board with KV team mods.  This means that this board is compatible with the newer KV team mod firmware (Rush OSD) that is compatible with multiwii boards.  The minimOSD is a small Arduino based on screen display board with dimentions of only 0.7 x 1.7 x 0.3inch. It is specifically designed for use with Ardupilot Mega (Arduplane/Arducopter) via the MAVlink protocol.  This board has two main components, the ATmega328P with the arduino bootlader, and a MAX7456 OSD chip.  Programming this board is done via the FTDI compatible 6-pin header.  So if you would like to program this board you will need to purchase an FTDI cable.


  • ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader
  • MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display
  • FTDI cable compatible pinout
  • Standard 6-pin ISP header
  • Two independent power sections with an LED indicator on each
  • Solder jumpers for combining the power sections
  • +5V 500mA regulator for up to +12V supply input
  • Solder jumper for PAL video option
  • Exposed test points for HSYNC and LOS
  • Dimensions: 0.7"W x 1.7"L (2.4" w/ pins as shown) x 0.3"H
  • Weight: 10g


  • RushOSD setup -