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APM2.8 Autopilot Kit

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This is the APM 2.8 Autopilot Kit that consists of the APM2.8 Flight Controller, a minim OSD module, a high voltage power module, a M8N GPS module and a USB cable. 

The APM 2.8 is a complete open source autopilot system and the bestselling technology that won the prestigious Outback Challenge UAV competition. It allows the user to turn any fixed, rotary wing or multirotor vehicle (even cars and boats) into a fully autonomous vehicle, capable of performing programmed GPS missions with waypoints.

This revision of the board has an optional onboard compass, which is designed for vehicles (especially multicopters and rovers) where the compass should be placed as far from power and motor sources as possible to avoid magnetic interference. (On fixed wing aircraft it's often easier to mount APM far enough away from the motors and ESCs to avoid magnetic interference, so this is not as critical, but APM 2.8 gives more flexibility in that positioning and is a good choice for them, too). This is designed to be used with the 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass, so that the GPS/Compass unit can be mounted further from noise sources than APM itself.

With the APM2.8 Autopilot kit, you get full autonomy for your vehicle. 

Add the Airspeed Sensor to your order if you are using this on a fixed wing!

Key Features:

  • Kit includes all you need to make your vehicle fully autonomous.
  • Suitable for all types of vehicle
  • Includes the high-quality M8N GPS module
  • One easy bundle for a good price!

Package Includes:

For a full description of the individual parts, please follow the link to the page listing.