$26M Pentagon Drone Contract: Draper’s Latest Toy for Big Boys- Drone Dispatch

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Hello, aerial enthusiasts and UAV aficionados! Welcome to today’s edition of the UMT Drone Dispatch, where we soar high to bring you the latest and greatest from the buzzing world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Whether you’re a drone hobbyist, a professional pilot, or just a tech lover with your head in the clouds, we’ve got something for you. So, buckle up and prepare for takeoff as we dive into today’s high-flying stories.

Draper has secured a $26 million contract from the Department of Defense to enhance its UAS software for CBRN reconnaissance. This exciting development will enable autonomous missions in challenging environments and provide enhanced situational awareness for U.S. defense capabilities. Find out more about this groundbreaking contract and its implications for the future of unmanned technology here.

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