Beta FPV Unleashes the Pavo 25 V2: A Compact Powerhouse Set to Rival the GepRC Cinebot30


Discover the Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2, a compact powerhouse that is poised to challenge the GepRC Cinebot30 in the FPV drone market. With its compact frame, versatile flight capabilities, and durable build, this drone is a must-have for both cinematic and freestyle enthusiasts.

Featuring a 2.5-inch frame and 1505 motors, the Pavo 25 V2 offers a powerful and compact design that excels in various flying styles. With options for different camera setups and LED lighting, it allows for customization to suit individual preferences. Additionally, its extended flight time of up to 6-7.5 minutes and stable flight experience make it a reliable choice for drone pilots.

Despite a few drawbacks such as complex repairability and limited USB access, the Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2’s competitive edge against the GepRC Cinebot30 and its array of features make it a compelling option in the current drone market. Click here to read the full article and discover why you should consider adding this versatile drone to your collection.

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