Walksnail’s Dual Antenna Debut: Avatar HD V2 VTX’s Leap Towards Enhanced FPV Performance

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Walksnail has introduced the new Avatar HD V2 VTX, featuring a dual antenna configuration that improves upon the single antenna setup of its predecessor. This upgrade is a result of valuable feedback from the drone pilots’ community, showcasing Walksnail’s commitment to continuous improvement based on user suggestions. The dual antenna design aims to enhance signal strength and reliability during flights, addressing a crucial aspect of drone operation. In addition to this, the Avatar HD V2 VTX also offers 4K compatibility (subject to confirmation), 20*20mm mounting holes for a snug fit on drones, improved internal circuit and shell for better performance and durability, spare pads with two power connection methods for added versatility, an optimized antenna base and repositioned frequency button for improved user interface, and a 32g built-in storage option for onboard data storage. Whether you’re an experienced pilot or a drone enthusiast, the Avatar HD V2 VTX (Dual Antenna) is definitely worth exploring. Join the conversation and stay updated on the latest advancements in FPV technology. Read more

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