Revolutionizing FPV Motors: AOS Supernova 2207 Unveiled

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Dive into the world of FPV motors, and you’re sure to have seen patterns: more power, less efficiency; more efficiency, less power. That was until Chris Rosser, in collaboration with RCinPower, dropped the AOS Supernova 2207. Claiming a spot as the most powerful and efficient 5″ motor ever made, this beast is turning heads and challenging norms. Here’s why.

Power and Efficiency: Why Not Both?

Historically, FPV motors had us picking a lane – you could either gun for power OR ride the wave of efficiency. But Chris Rosser wasn’t having any of it. The AOS Supernova 2207 punches through the long-standing rule, managing to be the most muscular yet efficient 5″ motor we’ve seen. And trust us, that’s not an easy feat.

The Magic Behind the Motor

But how? Well, Rosser went all-out in the research department. He took 50 different 5″ motors, ran them through their paces, and gathered heaps of performance data. Using this data, he tweaked an MIT-derived finite element motor simulation tool. Imagine running a single sim in just a minute – making it easy-peasy to test tens of thousands of motor designs. And to seal the deal? An optimization algorithm typically reserved for training AI models. This powerhouse combo resulted in the game-changing AOS Supernova 2207. Its power-to-weight ratio, responsiveness, and thermal performance are leagues above anything else in the 5″ motor category.

Production Excellence

Having an exceptional design is one thing, but executing it flawlessly is another beast altogether. Teaming up with RCinPower, known for their outstanding FPV motors and favored by the world-renowned drone racer Min Chin Kim, ensures that the AOS Supernova 2207 isn’t just all talk. They consistently deliver top-notch performance, and their manufacturing prowess is the cherry on top for the AOS Supernova 2207.

So, as AOS gear up for its launch this September and anticipate reviews from MadsTech, Joshua Bardwell, and that keenly awaited interview with JB, we can’t help but feel the tingle of excitement. A new era of FPV motors might just be upon us. Stay tuned!

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