Drone Building for Dummies: An Easy Guide for FPV Quad Building

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**Title: Drone Building for Dummies: An Easy Guide for FPV Quad Building**

Are you a beginner looking to build your own FPV quad but feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information out there? Fear not! We have a quick and dirty guide that focuses only on what’s necessary, so you can start building your dream quad in no time.

In this unconventional method, we break the mold by helping you pick the right quad parts for your initial build, getting you up to speed with the basics, and pointing you to resources where you can learn more as you dive deeper into the hobby.

We start by helping you select the right frame for your quad, considering factors like availability, price, and reviews. We recommend beginners opt for a popular frame within the drone community, as this increases the chances of finding solutions to common problems.

Next, we dive into the flight controller, the brain of your drone. We guide you in choosing a flight controller with a mount size that fits your drone frame, giving you more options for your electronics setup.

If you’re ready to embark on your FPV quad building journey, click [here](https://blog.unmanned.tech/drone-building-for-dummies-an-easy-guide-for-fpv-quad-building/) to read the full article and get started on building your own quad today!

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