Ink Over Pixels: Fly Tribe’s Analog Approach to a Digital Hobby

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# Ink Over Pixels: Fly Tribe’s Analog Approach to a Digital Hobby

Discover a new era of community and camaraderie in the First Person View (FPV) drone world with Fly Tribe Magazine. Launched in 2023, this physical magazine brings the unique culture of FPV to life, offering a fresh perspective on drones.

Fly Tribe began as a community of drone enthusiasts who met every Friday to fly and bond over their shared passion. Recognizing a gap in the representation of the FPV culture, they decided to create a magazine to bring the community feel to a wider audience. Originally intended for Fly Tribe members, the magazine received such positive feedback that it has expanded its reach to people who may not have access to the FPV community.

What sets Fly Tribe Magazine apart is its unique model where pilots themselves create 95% of the content. This emphasis on community input ensures that the magazine truly reflects the people it represents. From tech enthusiasts to casual flyers and families, Fly Tribe Magazine showcases the diverse range of individuals who enjoy the hobby. It also provides a platform for community members to share their videos, extending the reach and exposure of FPV culture.

Photography plays a vital role in Fly Tribe Magazine, with the team curating powerful images that capture the sense of community and evoke strong emotions. These snapshots, ranging from action shots of drones in motion to group photos highlighting inclusivity, showcase the beauty and excitement of FPV. While the magazine started with a local focus in Tampa, Florida, it is now reaching audiences far beyond its home turf.

With the success of their first issue, Fly Tribe Magazine is expanding its reach and accessibility. They have opened an online store offering merchandise related to the magazine, allowing enthusiasts to show their support. Fly Tribe Magazine is propelling the FPV community forward, embracing an analog approach in a digital world.

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