Quiet Skies, Powerful Flights: Exploring the Efficiency of Foxeer Donut 5145 Propellers

Foxeer donut 5145 toroidal propellers overview thrust tests flight footage 1 29 screenshot

Are you an FPV hobbyist looking to enhance your flying experience? Look no further than the Foxeer Donut 5145 propellers. Based on the design principles of MIT’s toroidal propellers, these propellers promise a quieter flight without sacrificing efficiency. In this article, we explore KremerFPV’s observations on the propellers’ design, performance, durability, and the results of a frost test. While they may not revolutionize your flights, the Foxeer Donut propellers offer some interesting attributes that could spice up your FPV experiences. Read on to learn more and decide whether they’re worth a spin.

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