UK Drone Registration Fee Lowered 🔻

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CAA has published their latest updates to the controversial drone and model aircraft registration scheme. The annual fee has been reduced from £16.50 to £9 following an outcry from the industry. Here is a quick summary of the key facts you need to know:

  • Registration open from 5th November. Becomes law and is mandatory from 30th November 2019
  • If you are part of an approved association (FPV UK, BMFA etc…) you will not need to register directly with the CAA (more details below)
  • You will need to pass a 20 question online competency test
  • If you already have a CAA permission, or CAA approved association achievement certificate you will not need to complete the online competency test.
  • Two types of registration
    • Flyer ID – Anyone who wants to fly a drone or model aircraft over 250g (under 20Kg) will need to register to get a Flyer ID. This is free
    • Operator ID – Anyone who is responsible for a drone over 250g (under 20Kg) will need to register and use your operator ID on all drones and model aircraft. This is renewable annually and costs £9 per year.
  • This only applies within the UK, if flying outside UK you will need to consult with relevant governing bodies for rules and regulations.

Where do I register?

From 5th of November 2019 you will be able to register at

Members of existing CAA approved organisations

You will not need to register directly with the CAA if you are a current member of ARPAS-UK, BFMA, SAA, LMA and FPV UK. With permission [of individual members], the associations will collect the registration fee from members directly and supply their data to the CAA. This will take place initially by 31 January 2020 and an exemption from the need to register will be put in place by 30 November to cover association members until then.

Read more about this on the CAA website –

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